Designed with the purpose of giving joy, the handmade silver jewelry collection Zen, features beautiful silk bracelets and silver charms, each one of them with a special meaning. If there is someone in your life who you want them to know how important it is to you, count with these handmade silver jewelry pieces from Zen Collection to do it in a unique, cheerful and unforgett 


From the simplest utilitarian piece such as a vessel or loom, to the most wonderful jewel buried next to the leader of a city to serve as an offering to the gods, in pre-Columbian cultures everything was made with the purest talent and good taste.
This handmade silver jewelry collection is inspired by millennial Peruvian cultures like Mochica, Chimú or Wari, in which talented craftsmen showed their art and to our good luck, leaving evidence to appreciate them years later.
Wonderful handmade silver jewelry pieces are waiting for you. Unveil them.


One of the favorite handmade silver jewelry collections from Alida Joyas. The name of this collection is a word invented by Alida, inspired by the French translation of the word “bubble”. Here, silver and gold bubbles are mixed with interesting textures and contrasts to give way to a carefree and sexy collection of handmade silver jewelry that will bring out the most sensual and feminine side of each woman. Bulé vouz?